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Whether you are a cross-border traveler in Northern Europe or a guest in your own country, we promise you new experiences when visiting the Baltic Manors Landscape around the Baltic Coast in Lithuania, Kaliningrad, Poland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Since there are a few hundred (or maybe even thousands) of historic manor houses around the Baltic Sea, there are even more stories to discover. Each historic house has its own history and character, yet there is a common background and often there is a link between the former agriculture estates and houses, because of the history of the noble families. When entering a Baltic Manor in your region you will get in touch also with the history of many other houses. We provide you with some tours off the beaten track to explore nature and culture on day trips or over-night-tours to see ruins, museums, creative spaces and nice little hotels in historic houses. You will discover new life in olde houses. Find your unique hotel in a Baltic Manor in the region of Northern Kashubia here. When traveling in Northern Germany visit one of the Manor House Hotels in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Bicycle Tours in Baltic Manors regions

Tours to the Baltic Manors
We collected 20 bicycle tours in seven countries. Find your bicycle tour in Lithuania, Kaliningrad, Poland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. The old houses are surrounded by amazing nature. Ride through woods, lakes and the coastline and meet interesting people and hosts in the Baltic Manors.

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Zulawy, Poland

Various bicycle tours

Routes through beautiful nature in Polish hinterland
» Baltic Manors landscape near Gdansk

This flat area near Gdansk in Poland is famous for good bicycle routes and a special type of historic houses. Explore regional food, architecture and nature.

Southeast Skåne, Sweden

Castle tour for bike, mc or car

Tour with manors, castles and monastery
» A castle tour through picturesque landscape

Walk, Cycle or drive by car or motorbike to seven magnificent historic venues in South East Skåne. The Slottsrundan is a Castle Tour where visitors see Bjärsjölagards slott, Christinehof slott, Glimmungehus, Klostret i Ystad, Kronovall slott, Svaneholm slott and Övedskloster. Besides the beautiful landscape on the way you will learn about the interesting history of the region.

Lithuania Minor, Lithuania

From Klaipėda to Panemunė Castle

From Klaipėda to Panemunė Castle
» Bicycle Tour with Map

Western Lithuania is located at the coastline of the Baltic and at the river Nemunas.  This route starts in Klaipeda, the precious harbor town formerly known as Memelburg, with a beautiful historic town center. Along the coastline you may visit the sea side resort Palanga with pristine beaches and the aristocratic flair of the 19th century. At the estuary of river Nemunas inland there is a spot perfect for nature trails, hiking and birds observation. Along the banks of river nemunas you will cycle inwards up to Panemunė Castle, an unique historic building.

Samogiti, Lithuania

Multi-days Bicycle Tour

Samogitia Route
» Tour on Komoot

Enjoy this route from the seaside resort Palanga into beautiful nature. Difficult bike tour. Very good physical condition required. On some passages you may have to push your bike. Many interesting sights to visit. Take your time and some overnight stays.

Lithuanian Minor

Lithuania Minor & Panemunė Route

Bicycle Tour from Klaipeda to Kaunas
» Lithuanian Tour on komoot

Difficult but interesting tour from the Baltic Sea Coast to Kaunas. 268 km long. Beautiful and authentic Lithuanian nature. Highlights along the river Nemunas: Klaipėdos piliavietė, Hugo Scheu Museum, Rambynas Regional Park, Šereitlaukis, Vilkyškiai Manor

Lolland-Falster, Denmark

Outdoor activities & manor houses

Find bicycle routes on this peninsula
» History, nature and local food

The water and the horizon is never far away on the peninsula of Lolland-Falster. Cycle on flat earth and discover the history of manor houses. You have the fjord on the one shore and the baltic sea on the other shore. You may observe prehistoric monuments and sea eagles. Also, of course, historic manor houses like Pedestrup, a museum, Frederiksdal, a winery, or Fuglesang, a hotel and restaurant.

Cultural heritage in beautiful nature

Old places, new life.

Route of North German Romanticism

Vorpommern, Germany

The Route of North German Romanticism combines the art and literature of the Romantic era with today's nature experience along the coast of Greifswald Bay. The route between Greifswald and Wolgast has a total distance of about 54 km. You will visit small harbor cities and he ruins of Eldena Abbey or the Rungehaus Wolgast. The themed bike route focuses on the Romantics from Vorpommern: Caspar David Friedrich, Friedrich August von Klinkowström, Karl Gottlieb Lappe and Philipp Otto Runge.
Website of the route. Following the Baltic Coast Cycle Route (Ostseeküsten-Radweg), information boards provide background information on the artistic and private development of the four protagonists and provide a selection of interesting tips along the route.
One of the highlights might be the Renaissance palace Ludwigsburg , which was built between 1577 and 1592 as a widow's seat.

There is an audio-guide provided in English! Find out more and plan your trip.


Northern Kashubia

Find the bicycle tour: The Mansions and Palaces of Northern Kashubia Trail.
A 3-4 days tour, depending on your physical condition. It is a proposition of a round-tour, with two overnight possibilities, offering a chance to visit the most beautiful manors and palaces of northern Kashubia. There are 20 manors or palace complexes, beneficiaries of the Manor Houses of Southern Baltic project, as well as 30 less conspicuously located, but equally interesting palaces.

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