Sleeping beauties woken with a kiss

The creative “space pioneers” are bringing new life to the Baltic Sea region’s manors. Why not take a trip there and be inspired …

After the fall of communism, many manors and stately homes in the Baltic Sea coasts’ tranquil hinterland were left in ruins. They have since been discovered by the so-called “space pioneers” – energetic and daring people who took on the formerly stately estates with huge amounts of creativity and passion. In doing so, they preserved some valuable cultural heritage and at the same time created unique places where completely new models of living and tourism were tried out. We have put together some destinations, offers and events where you can exchange ideas with other space pioneers. There are still many unrenovated manors for sale in the region, in case you would like to bring one of those sleeping beauties back to life.

The Baltic Manor Festival is a particularly good opportunity to get to know modern manor owners and their lives within the historic walls. It takes place at various locations throughout the summer. Please find more information below.

Bicycle Tours in Baltic Manors regions

Tours to the Baltic Manors
We collected 20 bicycle tours in seven countries. Find your bicycle tour in Lithuania, Kaliningrad, Poland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. The old houses are surrounded by amazing nature. Ride through woods, lakes and the coastline and meet interesting people and hosts in the Baltic Manors.

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Mecklenburg, Deutschland

A perfectly imperfect event location with lots of patina

Events hosted by space pioneer Robert Uhde
» More about Vogelsang Manor

When Robert Uhde first saw the Vogelsang Manor, he was put off by the dilapidated state of the building. According to him, these houses are like little children – they demand your full attention. A few years of hard work and living on a building site followed before his efforts were finally rewarded. Now, the neo-Gothic manor house with its unfinished charm has become one of the most sought-after event locations in north-eastern Germany. With its summer festivals, company events and parties of all kinds, it feels a bit like in the old days when manor houses were the “living room of a village”. And it is a good opportunity to talk to Robert. He will be happy to show you around the old buildings with the adjoining horse stables and tell you about his experiences as a modern-day lord of the manor. We can reveal this much already: such a building is a never-ending process. But – for him – a life without a manor would certainly be less inspiring.

Interview with Robert Uhde in the story blog

Skåne, South Sweden

Space pioneers since the 1930s

How to become a shareholder at the “Peoples’ Castle”
» More about Svaneholm Castle

In the south-easternmost tip of Sweden, the idea of creative space pioneers bringing new life to historic manors and castles with their innovative ideas is nothing new and has in fact been around since the 1930s. At that time, Svaneholm Castle, built in the 16th century as a fortified castle, passed into the ownership of a cooperative, which opened a museum there and has continued to develop and modernise the concept of the house ever since. In Svaneholm Castle’s impressively reconstructed interior, you can dream yourself back into the stately life of the past 500 years, eat in the castle restaurant and even become a part owner of the castle yourself for a small fee – which makes a subsequent cycle tour in the scenic surroundings or a small rowing boat trip on the lake next door all the more enjoyable. Knowing that you now own a small part of this stately building makes it seem even more impressive. To get an overview of the manors and castles in the region, it is advisable to walk around the so-called “Slottsrundan”.

More about Svaneholm in the story blog

Informations on Slottsrundan

Kashubia, Poland

The dream of your own palace by the sea

Holidays hosted by space pioneer Janusz Pieniążek
» More about Palac Sasino

Looking at anything old has always been fascinating for Janusz Pieniążek. It’s hardly surprising that he developed a passion for collecting antique furniture early on – and soon turned his eye to much larger antiquities too: saving an old “palac” became a long-held dream. The “Palacs”, as the Baltic region’s old manors are called in Poland, couldn’t be abandoned and ramshackle enough for Janusz. When Palac Sasino came up for sale, he knew it was now or never. The opportunity was right, because he and his wife were already running a small settlement of stylish holiday homes nearby. Which turns out to be a top combination for guests: they can spend a wonderful holiday there (it is only a few kilometres to the sandy beaches of the Kashubian Baltic coast and to the famous Stilo lighthouse) and, if they are interested, Janusz will gladly give them an insight into the current status of the renovation works. Soon, a boutique hotel will be opening in Palac Sasino.

Holidays at a cottage


River region Parsęta, Poland

Old-school revitalisation of a manor

Learn from Zofia und Zdzisław, the experienced space pioneers
» More about Bukówko Manor

Zofia Koczan and her husband Zdzisław used to work as teachers right where they are now running a charming little hotel. During the communist era, Bukówko Manor was converted into a school with a small flat included. The couple had lived and taught there since 1988. When the local government decided to close the school in 2000, the Koczans had to make a decision – and they seized the opportunity. The former residence of the German Heydebreck family was now their property. In the meantime, Zdzisław had set up his own business as a furniture maker and saw himself in a position to do a lot of the necessary renovation work himself. Soon, however, the Koczans realised that this stately building was far too beautiful to be used alone. They founded a hotel, where today you can spend a beautifully tranquil holiday in the unspoilt natural landscape of the Parsęta River basin. There is also a conference hall, a sauna and a barbecue area. Zofia and Zdzisław are very warm hosts and are happy to tell you about their manor house experiences if you are interested.

Read Zofia’s und Zdzisław’s whole story on our blog

Western Pomerania, Germany

One of the oldest manors with one of the most creative ideas

Visit Uwe Eichler’s work of art
» More about the Quilow Moated Castle

Uwe Eichler was only looking for a quiet country life with his partner. After many years of running Berlin’s Ballhaus Ost and being involved in the fringe theatre and party scene, a new phase in his life was about to begin. And so, he did, but it turned out slightly different to what he had planned: on the Peene River just before the bridge to Usedom, the two came across the Quilow moated castle, one of the oldest manors in the region, which was lying dormant. They quickly recognised the potential – and turned their vision into reality with financial support from the foundation Stiftung Kulturerbe and the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Quilow moated castle still looks somewhat enchanted today, but inside it pulsates with new life. Uwe has incorporated the typical Berlin mix of culture, party, performance and gastronomy here as well – but with a lot of sensitivity for the special features of the place and its residents. Having done the renovation in a transparent way as well as the historical exhibition, which is well worth seeing, it shows a lot of empathy. You can stay overnight in the tastefully renovated caretaker’s building next door. The exhibition of the Trabi Club in the old barn next door is not to be missed.


Kashubia, Poland

A perfect union of patina and style: a manor with new apartments

A holiday at Anna’s und Nicole’s retreat
» More about Jackowo Manor

Here in Jackowo, near the Kashubian Baltic coast with its long sandy beaches, a particularly charming duo has taken on this old building: Anna Mazus, one of the most successful farmers in the region, and her daughter Nicole. Both are infatuated with horses and both have also fallen in love with Jackowo Manor. As the renovation of the historic building is still in full swing, the grounds naturally still look somewhat unfinished. On their first visit, some guests therefore feel the same as when listening to a new record: it takes a moment to hear how great it is. Then you realise that the newly constructed holiday flats, built around an old picturesque greenhouse, could be in any style magazine. You can go horseback riding, do yoga or cook in the atmospheric communal kitchen with Nicole and other guests – preferably with produce from Anna’s farm. You quickly feel part of the project keen to join in.

Read Anna’s and Nicole’s whole story in our blog

Western Pomerania, Poland

Castle owners in a flash: the brothers who became ambassadors for a world heritage site

A dream hotel in the Pomeranian Lake District
» More about Siemczyno Castle

When the brothers and entrepreneurs Bogdan and Zdzisław Andziak learned in the early 2000s that their older brother owned half of a castle and was in the process of ruining himself financially, they embarked on a kind of expedition. An expedition into the historical heritage of the manors in their region that is far from over. The brothers became joint owners of the castle and transformed it into a dream destination: surrounded by the Pomeranian Lake District and deep forests, you can now stay there in a stately ambience, enjoy excellent Polish cuisine in the interior of a historic farmhouse and delve into the estate’s past in the in-house museum. Or you can simply talk to Bogdan and Zdzisław. The two are happy to talk about all the obstacles they have had to overcome over the past 20 years, but that they have developed a taste for the whole project along the way. A few years ago, the brothers also acquired the very charming Kozia Góra ruin in Pomerania



A manor coming back into view

Made new from old plans
» More about the Priekule Manor

In “Little Lithuania”, the former Prussian part of the country, an unexpected variation of the classic space pioneer story awaits you. Priekule Manor on the old Priekule-Tilsit road was once of political and strategic importance to its historical owners. It was destroyed in the turmoil of later wars and upheavals. After the fall of communism, a nice Lithuanian couple took over the property, studied historical sources, looked at old plans and rebuilt the house. Today, Priekule – situated directly on the small river Minija and not far from the Curonian Spit – is a hot insider tip for Bed & Breakfast accommodation. Horses and horseback riding tours are also on offer. However, you can only register by sending a request via Facebook.

Manorial heritage

Holiday offers & unique experiences

Celebrating a new life in old walls – and meeting many space pioneers

The Baltic Manor Festival

Let yourself be infected by the enthusiasm of the new owners during a guided tour of the house, take a stroll through castle parks in the mild evening light to the sounds of classical music and later have a personal conversation around the campfire with a glass of wine. What began in 2010 in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania as the so-called “Mittsommer Remise” is now also offered by many manors in Poland, Lithuania, Sweden and Denmark: a country party at a manor with live music, cultural performances and good food. No other region in the world has a higher density of manors than the southern Baltic region. In addition to the manors that always welcome guests with their hotels, restaurants and cultural venues, many privately used estates also invite guests to celebrate at the “Baltic Manor Festival”. Celebrating in the style of a lord of the manor, you might say, although today it is of course much more informal. During the guided tours, you can gain a vivid insight into the work in progress, the ideas behind the redevelopments and the visions of the space pioneers. It is a real joy to see how much new life and future potential is being created there.

The manor house realtor

The Achtenhagen family has been running the Romantikotel in the Ludorf manor house directly on the Müritz in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania for more than 20 years. Here there is hardly any internet reception and no TV sets in the rooms. Guests enjoy nature and excellent food in the restaurant. Manfred Achtenhagen has made his passion manor house his profession and brokers historic manor houses to potential buyers in Germany and throughout the Baltic States. Manor houses for sale