Manorial heritage in Northern Kashubia

Kashubian bay area with Baltic Manors

Diverse touristic offers
Manors on Northern Kashubia are still not well known touristic attraction of region.  Latest researches shows that in this area there are 200 manors. Only in the region of Wejherowo (Neustadt) were 100 manors. Near Puck (Putzig) and Lębork (Lauenburg) were 56 and 60 manors. The high number of manors in this region showed the wealth of their owners and also it was a sign of present Pomeranian noble families with polish and German roots. The variety of the Kashubian manor houses is enormously. Same is the todays usage. The range is from luxury restored 5 star hotel to a simple bed & breakfast.
But still a lot of the Kashubian manors are in very bad condition which is painfully especially for people who are loving history and architecture. After some manors only ruins remained, traces on maps, pictures in families or national archives.

Enjoy warmly hospitalty - Where to visit

From some manors which were renovated worth seeing mansions are connected with cultural activities great example of new life in old place is palace in Wejherowo which is museum of Pomeranian-Kashubian music and literature, similar role has Manor in Rumia (Ruhmel)(polish name Dworek pod lipami) and in Gościcino (Gossentin) (Dworek drzewiarza) which are community centers. Most of manors are year-round well prosperity hotels and restaurants in: Ciekocinek (Zackenzin), Godętowo (Goddentow), Kłanino (Klanin), Lisewo (Lissau), Rekowo Górne (Reckow), Rzucewo (Rutzau). In some of manors we can find agrotourism farms for example in: Borkowo Lęborskie (Borkow), Gościcino (Gossentin), Jackowo (Jatzkow) and Kurowo (Kurow). Besides, tourists can choose very attractive offers in manors in Salino (Saulin) and Żarnowiec (Zarnowitz).

Enjoy the countryside

Between the Polish Baltic Coast and beautiful woods in the hinterlands, you find precious places like Folwark Jackowo to spent a sustainable holiday.

Kaszuby – a green paradise by the sea

From Hel Peninsula to Puck and Wejherowo

The rich and green region at the Gdansk Bay is one of the most popular touristic destinations in Poland. Which is not a surprise, because the link between the seaside and the forests and fields, picturesque little towns and villages with historic Mansions and Manor Houses are very attractive. This area combines the advantages of sunbathing, watersports and active holiday with the joy of cultural and historical attractions. The Hel Peninsula is unique in European scale and offers pine forests, sand dunes and a diverse fauna. Puck is a charming small town by the sea, close by starts the Pomeranian Cistercian Trail  and many small villages with typical local architecture.  The Kashubian Jerusalem – the third oldest calvary in Poland is located in Wejherowo, along with the famous castle. The German family von Keyserlingk built Wejherowo (Neustadt) around 1800. In 1945 they, like most Germans in North Kashubia, fled the impending Red Army. After the war, the manor house was used as Citizens’ Militia station, school and kindergarten for deaf children. Following the reforms of the 1990’s it became part of the Museum of Kashubian-Pomeranian Literature and Music. The variety of the Kashubian manor houses is enormously. Same is the todays usage. The range is from luxury restored 5 star hotel to nice and simple holiday apartments.